Belly Dance is a dance that originated from the Middle East. Dance of the latter is increasingly popular among women, has a perfect motion between the flowing movement and musicality that is very beautiful, so it’s not just shaking your stomach and stomping beat of hip-only.

Christine Yaven is the main teaching Belly Dance classes at Sanggar Nari Nari, who is also the founder of Bellydance Jakarta and has been Internationally Certified as an instructor or lecturer Belly Dance. Belly Dance techniques taught oriented “Egyptian Style Belly Dance”. He was steeped Belly Dance is more than ten years and had been a disciple of renowned maestro Belly Dance such as Hadia, Tamalyn Dallal, Dr. Mo Geddawi, Raqia Hassan, Jillina and much more.

In Sanggar Nari Nari, who taught dance learn belly dance is varied by using finger cymbals, sticks and scarves. If the level is even higher, students will be taught with other unique properties such as fan veil (scarf fan oneself), chandeliers (wax) and isis wings are beautiful. In addition, the music used is really typical of the Middle Eastern folkloric or traditional to Arabic pop. So in Sanggar Nari Nari not only taught technique, but also taught music and insights about this Middle Eastern dance, so that later students can determine where the music is appropriate for a particular dance, because the selection of music for belly dance can not arbitrarily, but must be tailored to the type of first dance.

Each year, Sanggar Nari Nari held ‘Annual Recital’ which is a forum for students to express and apply the learning outcomes and Belly Dance techniques he had learned. In addition, many of the students are already at the level of choreography, often to meet the demand or an invitation to perform at various events.

Below are the benefits of doing Belly Dance:
1. Burning calories and toning muscles especially the back and waist hip
2. Strengthens stamina
3. Improve respiratory system and body posture (buttocks and waist are formed dense)
4. Help overcome the abdominal cramping and twisting during menstruation
5. Helping mothers who have given birth (the abdomen becomes ‘singset ‘ and no longer sagged)

Belly Dance class schedule :
Wednesday : 7 PM to 8 PM
Friday : 10.30 AM to 11.30 AM

For information and registration, contact : Santi
Jl.Taman Kemang I Kav.11 – Kemang, South Jakarta
(Rear Tamani Cafe Kemang, Near KemChicks)
Phone : 021.7198024 / 0828 1709 2064
Email :
Facebook : sanggarnarinari